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McCutchen Likely to DL

Andrew McCutchen was hit in the back with a pitch from Diamondbacks RHP Randall Delgado late in the game Saturday night.

Andrew McCutchen will likely be placed on the 15-day disabled list sometime tonight or early tomorrow. So far, there has been nothing official regarding Cutch to the DL but it is more than likely upcoming.

There has been no word whether the left side pain Cutch experienced which caused him to leave yesterday's game has any connection to being hit by a pitch the night before. He was hit in the upper left side of his back, so it's possible there could be a connection there. It's funny that after Frieri hit Goldy he went on the DL the next day...then, Cutch gets hit and now he also will be heading to the DL. 

The Pirates will be short-handed in the outfield without Cutch and with Starling Marte still in Indy. I would imagine the Pirates would recall Marte to fill the void. Some other options would be Andrew Lambo or Decker who are currently on the 40 man roster. Another possibility would be Jose Tabata but that is unlikely, seems the Pirates will do anything to not recall him. 

Jayson Nix has outfield experience so you have him for security. Martinez will probably see some time there as he did in the Arizona series. Snider can obviously handle the load, he seems to have gotten better out there defensively as of late as well. 

The batting order will be the most interesting issue with Cutch out. If Walker is back to start the series he will probably take Cutch's spot in the lineup. The four-hole is still vacant, but likely will continue to be filled by either Ike or Gaby (sadly). There really aren't many other options, especially with Cutch out of the lineup. 

Hopefully the Pirates recall Marte to start the series. They need Walker back too. After that they can reset, put the pieces in place and go after the Marlins. Even with a slightly depleted lineup, the Pirates should still be able to take this first series. The Tigers series is different story. 

So if you feel something is missing in your life, a void or emptiness over the next couple's probably because you won't see the Evo General out there on the field at PNC. 

Get well soon Cutch!

Beat 'em Bucs